Russia travel guide

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  1. Too little is known about the real Russia outside its borders, its name being usually related to beautiful blonde women, cosmonauts and politics. Few know that it is a vast place of culture and deep and complex spirituality, with both pagan and Christian heritage, a lavish display of art in all its forms and a true mosaic of influences. Besides, its people are fun-loving and fast to befriend you. Russian warmth is unforgettable. They are modern people and don't live as in the past times, like a common belief states. Russians make use of all the comfort, the best of the Western brands and you will be surprised by the living standard of some, as well as by the chic and fancy way of women to dress.

  2. As top travel destinations, Moscow and St. Petersburg are ideal for city tours and for transforming you into a passionate photographer. If you are into fine architecture like the neoclassical and baroque styles, into great literature and music, valuable painting collections and treasured artifacts, then these enormous Russian cities are sure to please you. However, if you are simply looking for fun, captivating sights and, why not, cheap but good drinks, then you will also do fine in this territory. Other major cities to discover are Novosibirsk, the largest in Siberia and a stop on the Trans-Siberian railway route, Yekaterinburg with its richness of opera, ballet and rock music, and Nizhny Novgorod that features over six hundred various monuments.

  3. Russia can be a land of marvel, and we even encourage the winter visits. Russians are hospitable and will assure that you are warm for your entire stay, therefore will often treat you with vodka for this matter. Layers of thick clothes are a must, however, as the climate can get extreme in the cold season. No worries about the summer though – if you are at higher latitudes, the weather stays warm and you will get the joy of the white nights in June. For this time tough, prices go higher and traveling is not as cheap as in the off-season. Nevertheless, summer is the time to stroll all over, to be lost in the immensity, and to try sailing on the rivers and perhaps the Baltic Sea, if you reach St. Petersburg. Practically, the leisure activities are up to your imagination, the country providing the suitable background and conditions.

  4. From Imperial luxury to idyllic rural zones, Russia proudly displays its richness and is a perfect holiday destination for the entire family. Churches and mysterious monasteries, museums with impressive art collections, carnivals, natural reserves, notable monuments and attractive fun locations for the night are some of those things that make Russia so varied and worth of attention. In any place you will meet friendly, hardworking people, and not inebriated and hostile. Ditch all the misconceptions and embrace the open attitude of the locals, along with the modern side of Russia, and you are sure to discover a new world of values.

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