Russian Women from Moscow

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  1. Russia in itself is a land of diverse experiences, souls, landscapes. There is no such thing as a characteristic or an image that would describe the whole of it. However, there is one truly representative sight that stays in the memory of foreigners, whether they've visited Russia or not: the iconic onion-shaped domes of Moscow. The biggest urban center of this enormous country, Moscow is also one of its oldest settlements, and draws in large numbers of tourists. Therefore, be prepared to meet in its streets a lot of people who arrived there for the same reasons as you.

  2. A city with sights to behold, Moscow not only draws through its richness, but also through its vibrant life. There are about 10 million inhabitants, and they make the capital be eclectic, lively and ever-changing. A fact you might have never know is that in Moscow dwell more billionaires than anywhere else on earth. It does not sound as a bad place for living, does it? To consider a few geographical data, the city is situated on the bank of Moskva River.

  3. The Red Square in the heart of the city is a must for any Moscow visit. Next to it, the Lenin Mausoleum is to be found. As for the center of the Russian government, there is the Kremlin, which translates as 'fortress'. It is a fortified complex by the Moskva river, enclosed by a wall with towers. It holds the lavish place of coronations of the Imperial period. On to the iconic Cathedral Square, this one actually shows more than one cathedral, precisely three. The gold-capped churches are definitely the epitome of Russian beauty. There are many typical churches all around, and if you are spiritually inclined, then you may enter them and meet the mysterious yet soothing world of Orthodox Christianity.

  4. Although St. Petersburg is known to be the cultural jewel of Russia, Moscow can boast with significant art galleries, which will keep you fascinated by this nation's sensibility and sense for beauty. There are about 80 of these, so a random walk is sure to take you to one such place. Tretyatov Gallery is worth a visit anytime, as it boasts with an excellent rating among the world's top museums. To admire stunning architecture and ancient artifacts from jewelry to thrones that speak of the country's past and identity, stop at the State Historical Museum, a grandiose red brick building. Orloc Paleontological Museum is home to over 5 thousand exhibits that explore every facet of earthly life.

  5. For the cultured and the nostalgic, there is the Novodevichy cemetery, home of many graves of grand names. This is the place where Anton Chekhov rests and other great writers.

  6. Once you have seen its modern locations, the buildings displaying communist era heritage, 19th century richness and the Medieval treasures hidden inside the museums, you may say that exploring Moscow has been like a travel across the centuries.

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