Russian Women from CITY

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  1. In terms of size, Novosibirsk is the third city in Russia, being the home of over 1,4 million people and stretching in the region of Siberia. In the past century it has known an extremely fast development, from a modest town gathering only several thousands of souls to what it is today. Its recent emergence makes it deserve its name, which translates as 'New Siberian City'. The Ob River crosses its territory, and the Ukok Plateau lies southward. The climate, as expected for the location, is continental with an extreme streak, with very challenging winters. Visitors coming from a milder climate might find this hard to bear. Therefore, consider the warmer season for a trip, if you are used to living in a contrasting climate with this one.

  2. For the initial transportation, you can rely on plane flights, as Novosibirsk has its own airport to connect with Asia and Europe. For the local needs, the metro system is reliable and will get you to the places of interest. One of these would be the Zoo, a constant attraction through its several thousands of creatures. The animals are involved in programs of captive breeding, of great importance worldwide, aiming to save endangered species. To the zoologists' and visitors' contentment alike, the programs have been successful.

  3. Novosibirsk has a general modern aspect – no wonder, considering its age. It has developed vertically as well, through the construction of tall apartment buildings. With such a strong presence of the new, it is expected that the city has an exciting nightlife – and this is how it is, due to the many clubs and bars. For sites which offer a different flavor, explore the center with its museums and cathedrals. Among the museums, the most notable one is the Kraevedchesky Muzey, belonging to the 'more-in-one' type. There you can have a feel of the Russian identity and history. For the aesthetical and spiritual experience, there is the Alexander Nevsky cathedral, a historical monumental stone construction with a red brick exterior. Its mural paintings, details on stone and domes are truly impressive. This is a stunning example of Byzantine architecture and art, and the interior is surprisingly different than what the exterior inspires. Inside, the space is generous and flooded by light, the walls being painted in luminous colors.

  4. The city has a well-thought layout, with statues, parks, entertainment facilities and various monuments interspersed everywhere. For dining out, there are choices that may surprise you. The foreign cuisine is well represented and business owners in Novosibirks are putting serious efforts into providing locations, menus and services of quality. Should you wish to escape the web of streets and head to nature, you may go hiking in the surrounding forests. The trees commonly seen here are pine, birch trees and aspen. Rich fauna of the forest is also attractive for those interested in the natural diversity or, as activity, in bird watching. A break in Novosibirsk will not leave any room for boredom.

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