Ukraine Women from Donetsk

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  1. On the Kalmius river of Eastern Ukraine lies the city of Donetsk. The whole metropolitan area gathers more than 1,5 million inhabitants. Heavy urbanization has reached the suburbs and beyond, but the city is green and pleasant and not overwhelmed with the downsides of modernity. Many Russians live here, almost as many as Ukrainians.

  2. Donetsk is a rebuilt city after having suffered destruction in war, and one must know that the Soviet administrative authorities mainly focused on the industry. The touristic streak was added only later, in very recent times. The accommodation facilities are rather new and therefore satisfying. Restored buildings in the center radiate light and serene colors. In some other areas, contemporaneous glass constructions with smooth design have been erected, like the new big shopping centers. In a rather Balkanic style, the city hosts several bazaars, places where you can shop for almost anything you need, at bargain prices. These are the Central Bazaar, Kalininskiy, and Train Bazaar. Locals show much interest in these and check them often.

  3. An amusement park, an ice skating rink, a Dolphinarium and the Planetarium are the top attractions where you can entertain yourself and your family and also have fun among the locals. Additionally, there is an equestrian center and botanical gardens of consistent size and variety. Recent investments are helping the city grow, like the five-star stadium called Dunbass Arena, committed to the high European standards. Numerous nightclubs will make you forget of life's worries, the recommended ones being the alien-looking NLO (UFO), the complex Virus, Chicago and Red Line.

  4. The museums in Donetsk are centered on topics more or less of wide interest and display the achievements of Russians and Ukrainians in several domains of excellence. There is the History and Development of the Railway Museum, the Art Museum with its collections from Soviet craftsmen and painters, and the one of Natural History. If you are not particularly interested in these big ones, then inquiry about the others, which are over a hundred. You could come across something that strikes you.

  5. In Voroshilov you can see a park which is an open air exhibition of wrought-iron figures, forged by hand. The concept is singular in the world, and competitions are being held here to bring each time more works of art to the park. Chilling around the lake in Shebakov Park is another pastime option. Sheffield is a lovely park with a path that goes along the river and is one of the most romantic spots of Donetsk. The presence of water is the ideal addition to these places.

  6. The Pushkin central boulevard lets you rest and also take a dive into the country's culture. It is divided in several parts which feature fountains, contemporary statues and flowers arranged in patterns. Each segments tells a different story related to the city's history. Donetsk is focused on work, development and on ensuring the essentials for a calm city life, in which guests feel at ease.

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