Ukraine Women from Dnepropetrovsk

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  1. The Dnieper River has been marked by old and important settlements along the centuries, and Dnepropetrovsk is no exception. Counting one million people, it is the fourth largest Ukraine city and lies on flat land next to a wide meander of the river, with newer districts on the opposite bank. The beauty of the area is mostly centered on the river and its well groomed banks.

  2. Mild climate is the plus of Dnepropetrovsk. There are warm to hot summers, and regular winters for Eastern Europe. It is particularly fit for autumnal visits, when there's a particular beauty about its green spaces and the long, wide tree-lined boulevards. Also, the temperatures should be just perfect for about anyone.

  3. Nowadays, architecture-wise, Dnepropetrovsk shows bits of various styles. Usually all is kept at a level of simplicity. Functionality seems to have been a more important aspect than the aesthetic, but one must keep in mind that this a a city that witnessed and suffered wars. Some of the areas are composed of individual detached residences. Dnepr, as called by its inhabitants, is largely a conglomerate of residential buildings in the typical constructivist manner; much of it was rebuilt in what is known as the Stalinist style, and there are occasional unfinished buildings belonging the the soviet times planning, which has frequently turned out unrealistic. More architectural works in contemporary fashion have appeared since the major change in regime in 1991.

  4. As a city nucleus, Zhovtneva Square and the impressive cathedral that stands guard within its are are the top points of interest. The Transfiguration Cathedral (Spasno-Preobrazhensky) is one of the early constructions and stands as a perfect Russian Classicism example. Nearby, you may want to enter the door of the History Museum to know its collection of ancient gods sculptures crafted by the nomads. Not much is left of the old town, as the war stormed the region. Only several blocks and streets are to be seen in the hill area, which is also a superb place to get a panorama of the river, parks and islands. The intensely circulated artery Karl Marx Prospekt is the basic commercial street. Many squares and street around it are keeping a similar profile. Other areas of the city are spotted with restaurants and embellished with parks, such as Shevchenka and Globy Central Park.

  5. Close to the river, one is advised to take a look at the Potemkin Palace, a mansion of majestic allure built in the 18th century. Crossing a beautiful pedestrian bridge, you will reach the Monastery Island, a place of legend and distant history. The river itself, apart from its banks, offers several options for your entertainment. Take a hydrofoil on the Dnieper to enjoy yourself in a warm summer day. Then you may rest at one of the terraces that overlook the waters and sip on a coffee or beer. The personnel may also be very happy to guide you through the specific cuisine of the country.

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