Russian Girls Love Americans

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Russian Girls Love Americans

  1. There are thousands of online dating sites where you can meet the perfect Russian girls that love Americans. They are not just looking for an American for no reason. They have several reasons for looking for an American man. These include genetics, stability, lack of men in their own country, and statistical information relating to the longevity of marriages between Russian girls and American men.

  2. According to census statistics, there are 10 million more girls than men in Russia. The number of Russian women in their 30s by far exceeds the number of men. After a divorce, women with or without children have a small chance of getting married again. The mortality rate of working men in Russia is very high, so there aren’t many men to choose from.

  3. Russian girls have many family responsibilities in Russia including working, taking care of children and housekeeping. They are in charge of all everyday problems in their family life. Though there are nice, respectable men in Russia, they are hard to come by. Most Russian men abuse alcohol daily and provide little for their families. Psychologists have said that Russian men do not normally value the essence of family. This is another reason why Russian girls love Americans.

  4. Most of the finest Russian girls are highly educated and want careers. Depending on where she lives, it may be impossible for a Russian girl to have a career that meets or exceeds her potential. Most educated women want more than a regular nine to five job that pays little. The only way she can have money is to find a successful man who supports his family. In America, it is frowned upon for a man to not provide for his family, even against the law. Women are encouraged to work and women are slowly becoming as successful as men in America. In Russia this is not the case.

  5. Russian girls love Americans because they are looking to live in a more stable economy, where opportunities are available and life is not as hard. America provides these luxuries and more. All women have an instinct to choose a mate with good genes, who are able to provide for and defend their family. Russian girls see American men as a perfect fit to what they need in their lives and the future of their families.

  6. Another reason why Russian girls love Americans is because the normal marriage between a Russian woman and an American man is very successful and loving. The roles in the family are clear and normal family life operates smoothly. It isn’t too important to think about why Russian girls love Americans; if you meet and fall in love she will love you for you, not just because you are American. Russian girls love Americas because Americans live in a land of opportunity, where life is easier, but still fulfilling. Russia has a hard economy where laws change all the time. In America, the laws are created more for the people than against them.

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