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  1. Not only are there many beautiful Russian women who look beautiful on the outside, but you will find that Russian women are some of the most beautiful and cultured women on the inside as well! In this article you will learn about some of the beautiful Russian women from history who succeeded greatly in fields like: the Arts, Literature and Astronautics.

  2. Beautiful Russian Women from History:

  3. Beautiful Russian Women Artists:
    Not only are these beautiful Russian women greatly talented but they are known for being some of the most artistic and creative Russian women in the history of Russian arts. Zinaida Serebriakova was born in 1884 and died in 1967. She was the very first Russian woman whose art became world renowned. She was an artist practically all her life and she was also able to travel the world as well.
    Elisaveta Bem is one of the most famous, beautiful Russian women artists from Russia’s history; she is known for her wonderful postcard designs and her work in silhouettes, glass, metal and ceramics. Though she died in 1914, her postcards are still valued and looked for by many. She also illustrated books and had work featured in several World’s Fairs before her death!

  4. Beautiful Russian Women in Literature:
    Anna Akhmatova was a famous poet and prophet during the pre-revolutionary and post-Stalin times in Russia. Through her poetry and other works of literature she helped the people of Russia have a voice in hard times. Though she was persecuted and often censored her works of art are still loved today and are thought to be masterpieces.
    Maria Arbatova is a modern feminist writer who is helping through her works of art to get more rights for the beautiful Russian women today. She writes about what she believes in and is also known for being a playwright and TV presenter. Her writing isn’t just for women to get their rights but it is mostly to help make healthy and happy marriages.

  5. Beautiful Russian Women Astronuats:
    Yes, beautiful Russian women have been to space! Valentina Tereshkova was born in 1939 and launched into space on June 16th, 1963. She only went into space once, but she became a very important member of the government and was given the title of “The Hero of the Soviet Union.
    Elena Kondakova is from Moscow and she was born in 1957. She is very well-rounded and enjoys things like the theater, fishing and other outdoorsy activities. Elena has been in outer space for a total of 178 when you add all of her space exploration missions together!
    Svetlana Savitskavaya was the very first woman to walk in space. She did this on July 25th 1984. She walked on the moon for over 3 hours and at her time of retirement, spent over 19 hours in space. She made some very important first and second time records of beautiful Russian women and men and women around the world in space.

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