What is the Traditional Russian Wedding?

  1. In every country, there are different unique wedding traditions that are being followed. Though traditions may not be followed at all times because of differences, it is always great if you know some practices. You never knew, even though Russian brides do follow your wedding traditions, they might as well want to incorporate theirs in the plan. It’s cute though, to have a wedding in mixed tradition. It would be fun and amazing.

  2. Russian brides have this belief that a marriage on the month of May is doomed to failure. Certain things will not work when it is conducted in that certain month. So you might not schedule your wedding on May if you want to live happily with your Russian bride. However, Russian brides are open-minded, and they are willing to cooperate with your plans, anyway it’s just a myth. However, there’s nothing wrong if you follow it. So just try the June wedding instead. It would be a great idea to join in the fun of almost all the people in the world. Alternatively, have your wedding date on the 14th of February to make it more Romantic and memorable for your Russian bride.

  3. Another belief of Russian brides is this; the first person of the newlywed to step in the wedding carpet will rule the family. So if you don’t want your Russian bride to rule over you, better take the first step. Alternatively, if you want to have fair domination, then it would be cute if you both step together. This one is pretty cool; what if you race with each other? That would be great.

  4. Other traditions of Russian brides are in line with salt and bread. Families of Russian brides traditionally give salt and bread to the couple because they believe that this will bring prosperity and good luck to the couple’s marriage life. Other countries have this practice too and just like the Russians; they too believed that salt and bread brings prosperity to marriage. Basically, because bread symbolizes food and salt adds flavour to everything. So when your Russian in-laws give you these, accept it! You wanted to have a good future with your Russian bride right?

  5. These traditions and beliefs are just a myth. However, if you want to woo Russian brides, you might as well give this a try. Nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t practice these beliefs but at the same time, you will not lose anything. Traditions are just some sort of belief from the ancient people, and if you incorporate them in your wedding, it will look like you respect the traditions of Russians. So when you do such, you gain trust and admiration from the parents and friends of your Russian bride. However, a good talk with your bride to be great, you can ask her about that issue. In the end, it will be the two of you who will get married and not you and her traditions.

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Why do Russian Brides put a coin in their left heel?

Russian brides have this weird belief of receiving good luck when they put a coin under their left heel. This is why before the ceremony starts, they will put a coin in their left heel so don’t get surprised when your Russian bride does the same. What’s with the left heel anyway? Why are not put it in the right heel instead? Kidding aside, just respect her belief as you may also have yours. They also believed that when a heel broke on or before the wedding ceremony, something bad will happen. This is why most Russian brides take care very much of their heels to avoid bad omen. And this might be the reason why Russian brides walk very slowly in the Isle, isn’t it? These beliefs might be weird but most Russians particularly the older ones know this modern Russian bride may not practice it nowadays.

Why do Russians break their champagne glasses during the celebration?

Another tradition amongst Russians is this extraordinary toasting. On the venue, a friend or relative will make the first toast. Consequently, the guests are expected to respond by means of throwing their glasses to the ground. It should be a hard shot to ensure that the glass will break as it falls to reach the ground. They believed that this tradition will bring good luck to the newly wed. The noisy sound and the broken pieces of the glass will throw bad luck away. However, only few Russian brides incorporate this type of practice. You can still have good luck even if you don’t break glasses. It will be dangerous if this happens and there are kids around the reception. So better not include this in the ceremony, ask your bride about it.

Why do Russian brides don’t have engagement ring?

If you notice the fingers of Russian brides, you cannot see any ring in it before the wedding ceremony. Despite how liberated and modernized the Russian brides are today; they still practice this tradition. There is no concrete explanation for this belief but since engagement is famous for the Western countries, Russian brides may adopt it too. You can have some negotiations with your bride-to-be for that matter, if you really want her to wear an engagement ring. The most important ring is the wedding ring and not the engagement ring, right? So just pay attention on the way you put it to your bride’s fingers to prevent it from falling. Russians also believed that if a ring drops during the ceremony, it means a bad omen. So whatever country you came from, traditions are not really compulsory, but you can practice them anyway.

Summing up